Cruise Ship Jobs – Golf Expert

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    7 months ago
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    Cruise Ship, Leisure
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    January 16, 2021
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1. Responsibility

  1. Professional guidance and selling of golf excursions and other excursions
  2. Professional handling and escort of golf excursions and other excursions
  3. Professional preparation of golf tours and follow-up of golf excursions.
  4. Optimize cost regarding golf transfers.
  5. Providing guest with information and announcements via the pa or written letter
  6. Preparation for information hand outs and other, Shore Excursion relevant, delivery onboard.
  7. Writing of golf tour reports and immediate reporting of extraordinary cases.
  8. Translation for from English to German during the golf excursions.
  9. Selling of golf sets and other golf services.
  10. Organisation and caring out of golf meetings.
  11. Responsible for the work flow in the assigned work area within the Shore Excursions Department onboard and the related administrative tasks, in close cooperation with the Shore Ex Manager.
  12. Support the Shore Ex Manager and Asst. Shore Ex Manager in close cooperation with all interface functions.
  13. Ensure all operations are carried out with the utmost economy consistent with the agreed quality standards
  14. Supervision of the strict adherence to all agreed regulations (USPH/HACCP, ISM/ISO, SQM, TUIC Service standards), especially with regard to security, environment and hygiene regulations in his/her area of responsibility. This applies also to the services, sites and products used or visited during the shore ex programs.
  15. In charge of the equipment, preventive maintenance and needed technical service.
  16. Jointly responsible for equipment including maintenance and repair requests.
  17. Contribute to Shore Ex Manager’s reporting and advices
  18. Active implementation of the philosophy behind the product
  19. Fulfil host function towards passengers – contact person for all passengers in            case of problems and complaints
  20. Supervision and reviewing of shore ex business partners including authorisation of their invoices.
  21. Support of the other shore ex teams if requested or if no golf tours are conducted
  22. Close contact to passengers, claims handling, organising of special arrangements and realisation of special requests.
  23. Constant improvement of the work flow and standards, including input for     manuals and regulations.
  24. Long-sighted long-term efficiency-orientated planning
  25. During take-over and shipyard times, additional tasks have to be fulfilled if    required.
  26. Secure the careful handling of the company’s properties (responsibility for negligence lies with the employee).
  27. Knowledge of the assigned security rolls number (from the ship’s articles) and the assigned duties in case of an emergency.

2. Qualification / Job experience


  1. Minimum Handicap 28 or better.
  2. Excellent knowledge of Golf regulations.
  3. Touristic background
  4. If possible knowledge of the destinations and touristic sights within the ship’s cruising area.
  5. Distinct economical, budget-orientated thinking; ability to analyse and explain business targets
  6. Business fluent in written + spoken German and English; another language would be welcome.
  7. Experience in complaint management
  8. Good IT knowledge, especially in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power point) as well as Rescom and POS-systems


3. Personal requirements


  1. Minimum age 22
  2. Strong organising ability (work procedures, guest information, duty roster, activities)
  3. Poise, very good manners
  4. Cost and quality awareness
  5. Good communicator
  6. Team player
  7. Ability to work under pressure


4. Area of responsibility


  1. Professional development of golf excursions onboard the ship, preparation of presentation about the available excursions, providing guest with information and selling of tours.
  2. Responsible to achieve the maximum revenue and a high guest satisfaction.