Driver – Code 8 / With PDP

A driver is responsible for driving a passenger carrying vehicle and providing good customer service

and a safe and comfortable journey throughout the network of transport services rendered by HG

Travelling Services.

· Previous experience relevant to the post and proven professionalism in passenger transport

· Knowledge/ Ability to work with disabled passengers and reaction to their needs

· Two to three years of relevant work experience

· Sound knowledge of transport operations demands and Cape Town and various surrounding areas

· Previous driving experience and knowledge of passenger vehicles

· Proven ability to juggle multiple tasks at once and meet deadlines under pressure

· Must be willing to work shifts that run over weekends and public holidays

· A valid Code 8 Drivers License with valid PDP

High level of responsibility is placed on our drivers to provide excellent services

Exposed to long and irregular working shifts, Maintain PDP and Health

Excellent concentration skills and be able to work under pressure

First Aid and Firefighting Responsiveness, Level headed and able to diffuse difficult/ conflict situations

Ability to communicate with Supervisor and Manager, Compliant with the rules of the road and able to control speeds