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    January 16, 2021
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GENERAL FUNCTION To provide courteous, professional, and personalized food and beverage service to passengers. Act as a front man during meal service.


At your assigned station, you will perform the following duties:

  • Setting of tables.
  • Greeting the guests by name and title.
  • Taking their food order.
  • Guide/instruct the Dining Salon Waiter (back man) of duties during service.
  • Collecting the proper items from the Galley.
  • Delivering the items to the proper guest immediately. Ensuring that all guest needs for water and other beverages, bread, butter, condiments, etc. are promptly filled.
  • Clearing the tables.
  • All of the above is to be carried out in accordance to Company policy and instructions from the Maitre d’hotel or Hotel Manager.
  • Attend all waiter briefings prior to the service to ensure that you are familiar with the items on the menu, being prepared to assist the guest in making their choices.
  • During service hours, must be alert for any problems within the Dining Salon and take appropriate action to avoid passenger dissatisfaction. Report the same to Hotel Manager/Maitre d’hotel.
  • Ensure that all tables are set up according to Company policy and that linen and tableware is clean and in good repair. Advise the Maitre d’hotel of any deficiencies not immediately rectified.
  • Ensure that good order and cleanliness always prevail at your work station in accordance with Company policy and USPH regulations.
  • Ensure that you practice correct working procedures, food handling and personal hygiene standards in accordance with Company policy and USPH regulations.
  • Maintain all silver in a properly polished state. Tarnished items will not be tolerated.
  • Assist the Hotel Manager and Maitre d’hotel with the greeting and seating of guests.
  • Make every effort to learn passenger’s names early in the voyage, and use them when meeting or serving them. Be certain to always refer to them as Mr., Mrs, Miss, Dr., and the like.
  • When serving guests, make every effort to learn their personal preferences, f. ex. coffee or iced tea with meals, and act accordingly.
  • Keep detailed notes on the particular likes and dislikes of each passenger for future use. Be certain that the Maitre d’hotel is informed and formally records the notes to the computer system.

If assigned to the buffet service at the Topside Restaurant:

  • As guests leave the buffet line after making their choices, assist by carrying their plate and escort them to the table of their choice.
  • Take any orders for a’la carte items which the guest may want.
  • Take their drink order immediately and serve it accordingly.
  • Serve a’la carte items immediately when ready.
  • Make every effort to ensure a cordial and effective working relationship with the Galley team to create a one-team atmosphere instead of a ‘waiters-against-cooks’ scenario. Communication is the key to creating such an atmosphere.
  • If required, assist in cleaning and vacuuming the restaurants and buffet areas.

Additional Duties:

  • Serve cocktails at pre-dinner or after-dinner venues, private parties and embarkation reception as schedule.
  • Assist on Deck service, as scheduled.
  • Assist in storing of beverages and consumables, as scheduled by the Maitre d’Hotel upon request by the Provision Master.
  • Always remember the importance of attention to detail at all times. This includes everything from cleanliness, to how you serve your guests (from the right), clear away dishes and glasses (from the left), a missing button on your uniform, a half-full water glass (fill it), a guest rising from her chair (pull it out), place napkin on armrest, or when or sitting down (push the chair in) and place the napkin on the lap.
  • Always keep eye contact with your tables as your guests may need something. This enables guests to contact you in a relaxed and efficient manner, instead of having to attract your attention.
  • Be alert to service problems within the restaurants and buffet areas. Recommend improvements to the Maitre d’Hotel.
  • Perform as Deck Steward or Pool Bartender when assigned to one of these duties by the Maitre d’Hotel (See separate job description).